Act I Scene 25.
Meet my Good Friend, Mr. Marvin K. Money

Money is energy. All energy has consciousness. All energy
consists of information. Thoughts are energy. Dollar bills
are what symbols we communicate with to represent the energy
of money.

There are only possibilities. One possibility is having a
lack of Mr. Money. Another possibility is having an over
abundance of Mr. Money.

Both possibilities do exist - this is the only fact you need
to know.

Possibilities are energy.

Money, millions and millions of amounts of money is energy.

All energy is on a frequency meaning it has a vibration. A
lack of having Mr. Money is a lack of being on the vibration
of money. Abundance of money vibrates on a different
frequency than lack of money does.

Either way we choose, Mr. Marvin K. Money doesn't care, he
doesn't have a say in the matter. He will show up and be
your guest if you invite him to come. If you tell him to
stay away, Mr. Money is very polite and won't be seen in
your presence.

People who lack money don't have a money problem, they have
a perception problem. Their problem is they are focusing on
not having and not enough which is putting themselves on the
frequency of lack which is what is attracting back to them
more of a problem of lack.

What vibration we are on is what attracts to us
manifestations. Good health is a vibration of energy,
disease is a vibration of energy. We attract good health or
bad health by the dominant vibration we hold within our

We become magnetized to abundance of money or lack of it,
good or poor health by the dominant thoughts we have when
acted upon by our emotions. Our emotions are "colored" by
our belief systems.

If we think about lack and believe Mr. Money is a bad guy or
that we don't deserve to have Mr. Money come visit us or be
our friend, or any other counteracting belief against being
fabulously wealthy money wise then our emotions will reflect
that and that is what comes to us. Exactly what we believe
about Mr. Money or Mr. Health or Mr. Relationship.


If I believe that all possibilities do exist and that a
super abundance of money is only energy on a certain
vibration and that I am able to attract to me any frequency
that I put myself on.... then super abundance of money is
easy to attract.

1. We cannot limit the field of possibilities.

2. We can choose to believe it exists or it doesn't.

Therefore only I am the one who chooses the exact amount of
financial abundance or lack of it into my life.

External wealth is directly proportional to our inner

If you ever tried to get a cat to come to you by chasing
after it, you know that the more you chase it, the more the
cat goes away from you.

When you walk into a room and basically ignore the cat,
sooner or later it jumps into your lap or rubs up against you.

Chase after money, try to "get it" and you find that
mysteriously it just seems to go the other way.

If you were another cat and walked into a room with a cat
already in it, it wouldn't be long before the cat in the
room would come around and either sniff or hiss at you, but
the point is that cat would be drawn automatically towards
you simply because you were on the vibration of cat.

When you feel abundant, abundance will be automatically
drawn to you. When you feel financially super wealthy, super
financial wealth will be drawn.

When you feel want for more money, want for more will be
drawn to you. When you feel appreciation for then more
things to be appreciated will come.

Not even the richest person alive, Bill Gates or Donald
Trump or Warren Buffet has more money than me vibrationally.
Since you can check the list and see that I'm not on Forbes
top ten you know that on a physical level these people have
more physical manifestations of wealth than I do. The only
thing they have currently more than me is an emotional
vibration of being super wealthier than the vibration I
currently have.

All of creation reality is but a different aspect of one conscious
awareness experience. A flower, a tree, an animal, a person
and so is Mr. Money.

Mr. Marvin K. Money is an aspect of creation. Marvin has a
consciousness and is an expression of a single consciousness,
we just don't see my good friend, Mr. Money in that way.

So when we say Mr. Money is dirty or that he has cocaine
dust on him, or that Marvin is the root of all evil, we are
denying the consciousness of Marvin K. to express itself in
ways which will benefit us. Marvin wants so much to be a
friend to you and bless you with his presence and buy
really, really, really nice things for you.

He really does. Mr. Marvin K. Money is a really nice guy.

Mr. Marvin wants to be appreciated. He wants to be cared for
just as you would care for any of your friends. He wants to
be respected just as you would respect your parents. Marvin
want to be a pleasure for you just as your friends do. He
wants to use his energy to prosper you in untold countless
ways just as you would want to prosper you friends as best
you can.

When you don't appreciate or care for, or respect your
friends and family, or see them as wanting to prosper you,
what is happening is that you are changing your vibration
consciousness to a lower frequency and pushing those friends
and family away.

When you don't appreciate or care for, or respect Marvin K.
or see him as wanting to prosper you, what is happening is
that you are changing your vibration consciousness to a
lower frequency and pushing my good friend Mr. Marvin K.
Money away.

Mr. Money won't want to be around you, he will instead seek
out to be in company of someone who appreciates and care for
him and respects him.

See if you had a friend who never respected you, called you
dirty and evil, and constantly looked at what was lacking in
you and didn't want to have fun with you, then most likely
you wouldn't want to spend much time around them and you'd
be seeking someone who appreciated you and took you out and
said nice things about.

Marvin wants to have fun with you. He wants to go out to
nice places and foot the bill so he can enjoy the pleasure
he is providing for you.

Marvin K. is your friend. Your friends want to be around
you, they feel comfortable in your presence, they like to
play with you, they like to be talked about highly from you
and they want to do nice things for you.

Mr. Money wants to make you feel better. He wants to be your

The lesson is that we need to come to a place where we can
see the higher consciousness in not only money, but in all
things and all people and realize that we, Mr. Money, you,
and me, and all others that we are one with each other. That
there is a consistent relationship between mind and matter.

When the subject is viewed from a quantum physicist level,
then the theory of super position suggests that the actual
position of matter (including money) changes continuously
until an observer observes it where it temporarily takes a
fixed position where it actually exists simultaneously in
other locations.

This postulates that there is no such thing as an objective
or universal reality. What this means is that our
observation of reality, in this case money, our relationship
to what we perceive reality can be - changes the way we view

Matter is energy. Money is matter. Money is energy. From
super position we can suggest that the same energy can be in
more than one place at a time.

Thus Mr. Marvin K. Money from a quantum perspective can be
my friend, your friend and friends to a great many people
all at the same time. In other words Mr. Money can be all
over the place blessing not only me, but at the same time
blessing you in whatever amounts of his self you desire for
him to give to you.

"Matter is made from acts of consciousness."
~ Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, former professor of physics at San Diego State
University ~

Written with apologies to Dr. Suess who inspired this from
his book, Marvin K. Moony.

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